What is a TOURGAME?

TOURGAME is undoubtedly the most engaging, entertaining, cool, hands-on and exciting way to tour Jerusalem.

Imagine an in-depth tour in a highly competitive, intelligent, and challenging game format through one of the city’s renowned historical areas. Divided up into teams, you skillfully navigate a route, solving problems as you go. Along the way you…

Visit Jerusalem’s most famous attractions; Are totally involved, from grandparents down to younger children; Test your powers of observation and analysis; and… Have the time of your lives!!

With us it’s the personal touch that counts. Howie Bergson is the man behind the Tourgames and he will be there for you, making sure that everything is perfect from start to finish!!

Ask around your community and hear for yourselves what people have to say about JERUSALEM TOURGAMES

Past participants have always been our most enthusiastic advocates!

Jerusalem Kaleidoscope

Historic Yemin Moshe Opposite the Old City

The Jewish Quarter of the Old City

Historic Nachla’ot and the Jewish Market