Well over a hundred thousand people have already taken part in Jerusalem Tourgames – an unforgettable experience for all ages, backgrounds and interests that consistently ranks as the absolute highlight of their visit to Israel.


What’s The Secret

The enormous success of Jerusalem Tourgames lies with a winning combination of

    • total involvement
    • a genuine sense of discovery
    • a real spirit of competition

All this while completely immersed in fascinating surroundings!

Since we started with Neighborhoods, launched in 1988, Jerusalem Tourgames have blazed a new and exciting trail in the landscape of Jerusalem tourism.

Whether organized for single families or for much larger groups, Jerusalem Tourgames is always

  1. Challenging
  2. Hands-On Enjoyment
  3. Interactive

Howie Bergson, a native of Toronto, Canada, has been living in Israel for over 35 years. Recognized as one of Israel’s top guides, Howie’s unique approach to tourism takes visitors off the beaten track, providing them with insights and experiences to be had nowhere else.

Howie is a graduate of Bar Ilan University in Land of Israel Sciences. In addition to being an official guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, he possesses the much coveted “Touring Expert” license.


Contact Howie Bergson directly by telephone: +972-54-927-2260

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