Experience history in the making!


The INSIDE JERUSALEM tour adventure takes you in and around the ancient Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. Along the way you encounter renowned archaeological treasures such as the Cardo and the Broad Wall.

You gain a close-up view of the city’s greatest architectural monuments. All this against an exquisite backdrop of world famous sites: The Temple Mount, The Western Wall, The Mount of Olives and The Dome of The Rock.

This TOURGAME paints a majestic canvas. It tells the story of Jerusalem down through the ages, unfolding the incredible saga of the Jewish people in its eternal capital.

Length of program: Approx: 3 hours (good walking ability required).

Availability: 7 days a week (Suitable for the Sabbath observant)


Contact Howie Bergson directly by telephone: +972-54-927-2260

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